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High Quality Vaginal Ozonizer

High Quality Vaginal Ozonizer

1. Using the worlds first created technology of low-temperature plasma, ozone and supersonic wave energy conversion, this apparatus has the strongpoint of high curative effects at fast speeds. The supersonic ozone atomizing gynecological apparatus can mix ozone plasmas, very small water molecules and negarive ions into micromolecular mist particles (its size is only one ppm of normal mist), and temperature for sterilization. Through the atomization fumigation mode, ozone can be spread on the wounds instantly and kill various pathogenic microorganisms and other pathogens.

2. Pure physical therapy, without pain and side effects. The ozone can be reverted to oxygen in 20 minutes. Without any discomfort during the treatment, it can avoid the low efficiency of medicine, the inconveniece and the existence of antibiotic resistance.

3. The simple fool-proof operation is safe, comfortable and cost-effective. The only raw materials needed are water and air. it is low-cost and economical.


Ozone Gynecological Therapy B27

Treatment principle: Ozone has a superior disinfection ability. The ozone is dispersed on the affected area to kill bacterias. This method is unique, and very safe, as there is no need for medication, injection, trauma, pain, and toxic side effects. It can be used for the treatment of a variety of trichomonas, fungal, non-specific, vaginal Heamophilus, amebic women from cervical erosion, genital inflamation, cervicitis, and other diseases.

1. Treatment of multiple gynecological inflammation diseases
2. Clinical disinfection, sterilization and washing operation
3. Promoting blood circulation and relieving pain
4. Accelerating repair and restoration of epidermal tissue of inflammated areas.


3. Parameters:
Brand name:Allfond
Model number:B27
Product name:Ozone Gynecological Therapy
Main body weight:1kg
Function: disperse the affected area to kill bacteries.
Package:45*46*28 cm
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